Daiwai’s Cool Kung Fu 1999

This is a pdf copy of my original blog entitled ‘Daiwai’s Cool Kung Fu’ which I created with simple html code in Notepad at a big Chinese – English ‘portal site’ where members could have a free page.
It’s something I am still happy with almost 20 years later, despite the typos and youthful exuberance ( I was only 40 after all!).
My page got over 5000 views eventually and for a time I was Muzi’s ‘Kung Fu Guide’.

My story about meeting Master Lawrence Lee is titled ‘The Kung Fu Demo’ ( sorry the navigation links don’t work anymore, you will have to scroll).
I would also like to apologize to my mate Mark the Tae Kwon Do guy who I mention in the story about he and I facing off in the ring.
We were just two super keen 70’s martial artist teenagers and I really liked him actually. I leave the story in there as it’s been out there for all these years and it’s a true story.
He and his mates and the Scots girls (sisters I think) who trained with Tony were great people and I wish that I could catch up with them and any body else who knew Lawrence Lee and Tony Aston in that 70’s Kung Fu Craze time.
Actually would love to chat to anybody caught up in the Kung Fu craze from that time in Australia.
What a great time to be a teenager!!

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