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Welcome to Daiwai Kwoon

Daiwai Kwoon is a Wing Chun / martial arts teaching and publishing website linked to the Daiwai Kwoon channel on youtube and Daiwai Kwoon and Wing Chun Mind Force on Facebook.
All our free youtube videos will be available here plus links to our Daiwai Kwoon Complete Wing Chun course as the Volumes become available.

Daiwai Kwoon is the creation of David ‘Daiwai’ Lovegrove, a Kung Fu fan  and martial artist for 50 years and a Wing Chun practitioner ( Jim Fung/ Chu Shong Tin/ Yip Man lineage) for 21 years.

David is also a well known  visual artist and writer and his ‘martial art’ inspirational artworks and posters will be available soon plus other cool products as they become available.
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries at