Daiwai Kwoon officially started in 1999 with a popular blog I maintained at the huge Chinese American portal website Muzi. My blog grew so popular that it was consistently rated in the top 10 of thousands of blog pages at Muzi and in 2000 Muzi admin appointed me a Muzi Guide and gave me my own part of their site called Daiwai’s Cool Kung Fu.

This was a fun time and I was able to connect with kung fu fans all over the world (and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!)
Life moved on and so did Muzi and Daiwai’s Cool Kung Fu became a good memory until Facebook and Youtube came along and I started writing and speaking about Wing Chun and Kung fu once again.
My Facebook pages are Daiwai Kwoon and Wing Chun Mind Force .

Daiwai Kwoon is also my Youtube channel and is devoted to presenting the secrets of Wing Chun as passed down through the lineage of Jim Fung / Chu Shong Tin / Yip Man as well as interviews with senior practitioners and a ‘Daiwai’s Cool Kung Fu’ segment showcasing the fun pop culture aspects of kung fu and martial arts – movies, comics, old magazines, figurines, trinkets, whatever.
Please enjoy!

One thought on “ABOUT DAIWAI KWOON”

  1. I read your muzi column, some of brought back a few memories. I trained Tong Kune Do in the early to mid 70’s mostly under the Wong (?) brothers, one of the names I believe was Taisun the othe Sam (I think) although I never knew how he spelt his name.

    The demo by Lawrence Lee excited my brother and I, so obviously we joined up. I’m not sure how long the school lasted but at that time William Cheung was attending the ANU and I recall hearing the older guys talking about him.

    At least I got to learn part of the Siu Nim Tao back then but the significance was lost on me and there is always the fact that not much of it was explained either.

    You might like this story. We would all line up and one of the teachers would walk along punching us in the stomach to test our abs. Anyway, Lawrence Lee had come down from Sydney and we all lined up as usual. On this occasion a very nice looking girl, about 19 or 20 I guess, was in the line. Lawrence had already doubled a couple of guys over and lines up in front of this young lady. Crack, she just stood there, Lawrence asks if she ok, she says yes, then wham, more power than the other guys had not been able to take. He asks once more if she was ok to take more, “yes” he hit her pretty damn hard and she just stood there and took it – point made…

    Cheers from another die hard BL fan from the 70’s.

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